Principal Update 25-05-22



Well done to all of our year 3 & 5 students who participated in NAPLAN on-line during weeks 4 & 5. Students were well prepared for these tests and approached them with confidence and a willingness to “do their best". The tests provide students, parents, teachers and the school with important insights into each student's literacy and numeracy development. While only a snapshot and just one part of a student's overall school performance, it has been great to see students approach the tests with diligence, resilience and determination. Thank you to the amazing staff who have worked tirelessly and skilfully to prepare and support our students to achieve success. 


This week we received word that one of our students, Robert Hostalek has been accepted to attend a Sydney Scholarship trial from Monday 30th May to Friday 3rd June with the John Moriarty Football (JMF) club.  The aim of this visit is to provide an opportunity for Robert to trial at one of the JMF partner schools, Westfield Sports High, Endeavour Sports and Matraville Sports School for a potential Sydney Scholarship in 2023. This is an amazing opportunity for Robert who will be attending with another MSS former student Colin Walsh.  We wish these boys the best for their trip.


This past week staff and students have been working together to review our high expectations with a focus on the following, ensuring all staff and students are consistent in their messaging.


  1. All students out of classes during learning time without a staff member should have a movement pass – a pause card, their buddy class form or toilet tag.  This helps staff to see where students should be and support them to do this quickly and quietly.
  2. Walking around our school as a class should be in a quiet and orderly line (one or two lines is acceptable).  Students should not be jumping up to hit the beams of the buildings or wandering through the gardens. 
  3. Students lining up, ready for learning after lunches.  This will look different depending on veranda size and age group of students but students should return to class quickly and wait quietly until their teacher arrives.


    A big shout out to Mr Rhodes and 4R who were spotted taking the time to practice walking from their class to the library in 2 quiet lines, setting a wonderful example for others.


    We talk about how busy school is but this is due to the many opportunities our students have had this past fortnight.  The Year 2 & 4 cohorts participated in an excursion, visiting local sites and special places.  Our Year 6 students did an amazing job attending Mareeba SHS for the Year 6 transition day with lots and lots of positive reviews on both the activities and student respect. The fortnight ahead is no different with our Forensic Science workshop, Year 6 High Tea and the Artie Sporting Wheelies visit on Wed 1 June.


    This week we celebrate National Chappy week.  It recognises the hard work of our school Chaplains and, not that I'm biased, but our Chappy Tim is hands down one of the best.  Chappy Tim helps to coordinate our school bike bus and spends hours supporting our students to build resilience to challenges faced.  Join me in taking the time to say thank you to Chappy Tim!​

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Last reviewed 25 May 2022
Last updated 25 May 2022