PBL Update 16.03.22


PBL Update                         16.03.2022


I Respects and MSS Expectations

For week 8 we will continue with I Respect Me & You:  Respect people, property, places.  Even as a stand-alone expectation, this expectation does encompass all of our MSS Respects and Expectations as it is truly about the respect of everything.  For weeks 9 and 10 we will revisit I Respect Safety:  Hands off! Feet off!  All students at MSS need to understand that we do not solve our problems with our hands and feet and if we choose to there will be consequences from loss of privileges to suspensions.  We will be using our Pause Strategies and leaning to recognise our emotions through the Zones of Regulations.


R & C Shop

Keep Banking, as the shop is fully stocked and waiting for orders.  We are overwhelmed with the weekly banking in order to attend Tricky Tuesday.  Congratulations to all the students that have attended so far this year. 


John Moriarty Football (Soccer)

Week 7 saw us welcome the JMF Program back into our school.  This year the JMF are running trials for an 'elite team'.  20 students from year 4-6 will be selected to train with the team on a Friday afternoon during Fun Friday from 1:55-2:55 starting next term.  Trials started Friday 11/03 for the year 4s and will continue on the 18/03 for the year 5s, then the 25/03 for the year 6s.  Anyone who missed their grades opportunity can see the Hub team of the JMF team to make sure they get their chance to try out.  This is open to all students in year 4-6.  The JMF welcome any students to join in on Wednesday and Friday at both breaks while they are at MSS.  Select classes will be participating in one off sessions for the reminder of this term.

Pokemon Club

Very exciting – MSS has their very own Pokemon Club, hosted by Mr Sam Brown in 5S.  Students are able to bring their cards to school each Wednesday.  When they are released from the CPA in the morning, they are to hand their cards in to Mr Brown to keep them safe and collect them at the end of the day.  At this stage the club is for years 3-6.

Reporting Issues

If a student is having problems the MSS process to follow is:

•       Playground issues need to be immediately reported to the staff member on duty in that area

•       In-class issues need to be reported to the classroom teacher who is teaching the class at that time

•       If your student reports issues to you at home, the first point of call is the classroom teacher

•       All academic and/or learning concerns are directed to the classroom teacher

Please discuss what this looks like at school – it may be different from school to home, but this is the MSS way and the discourse that MSS expects while at school and representing MSS.


Cherene Trimble

Head of Department Behaviour



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Last reviewed 16 March 2022
Last updated 16 March 2022