PBL Update - Welcome to Term 3!


​PBL Update

Welcome back to Term 3 - yes, over the half way mark for 2021!

I Respect Learning: 

  • Be confident, organised, on time
  • Be resilient, persist, co-operate
  • Listen, learn, participate
For the next 5 weeks, we will have the same 3 expectations - yes 3!  By the end of ​week 5, all staff and students will be able to recall and sign these 3 expectations.  We should hear staff and students using this language in the classroom and in the playground.  By having the same expectations for 5 weeks we can also focus on giving PayWay tokens to students who are following these expectations.  This does not mean we forget about the others, especially Hands Off, Feet Off!

We have a number of different activities for students to engage in at lunchtimes and will have a timetable up in all classrooms and around the school.  If a student is having problems, the MSS process to follow is: 
  • Playground issues need to be immediately reported to the staff member on duty in that area
  • In class issues need to be reported to the classroom teacher who is teaching the class at that time
  • If your child reports issues to you at home, the first point of call is the classroom teacher
  • All academic and/or learning concerns are directed to the classroom teacher
Please discuss what this looks like at school - it may be different from school to home, but this is the MSS Way and the behaviour that MSS expects while at school and representing our school in the community. 

This term we are having a few minor changes to our timeout process.  In the unfortunate event that a student does receive a timeout due to inappropriate behaviour in the playground at lunchtimes, they will:
  1. Attend the Hub for timeout
  2. Discuss with MSS staff the reason for the timeout and how to make better choices
  3. Complete a reflection (apology letter, writing rules, restorative practice)
  4. On most occasions a SMS will be sent home to inform parents/carers that the student has attended timeout

Respect & Collect Shop
It has been great to have a huge increase in students purchasing from the Respect & Collect Shop, but this means that stocks are running low.  This tells us that the huge majority of students do the right thing at MSS.  Just remember we are not able to do 'rain checks' and therefore some items will sell out fast.  We know that a lot of students are saving for a scooter.  There are only a few of these availabile, so it will be 'first in, best dressed'.  Remember, 'do the respecting and get the collecting!'  Keep an eye out for new items that can be purchased, and Mrs Simpson's 'Pop-Up Shop', open first break in the playground every day this week.

- Cherene Trimble, Head of Department-Behaviour 

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Last reviewed 21 July 2021
Last updated 21 July 2021