P&C Report - 08-06-22


P&C Report – June 2022

​In March 2022, a new MSS P&C Executive Committee was elected, consisting of existing committee members and new committee members. The 2022/2023 Executive Committee are:

Secretary – Tracy Read

Treasurer – Olivia Battistin

Vice President – Jess Gallaher

President – Jacinta Rea

The MSS P&C would like to give a special thanks to Pauline Sciani and outgoing committee members, Tracey Marcel and Ivona Carusi, for all their assistance, contribution and valuable time to support MSS and the P&C Association.

Have you ever wondered what a P&C does? Not only do we provide for a forum of communication and feedback, we collaborate with the school Principal to promote the interests of the school with the aim to improve the school's facilities and promote the school's interest, to achieve the best possible outcomes, learning experiences and opportunities for the MSS students.

Each year, we contribute funds for the purchase of additional resources to enhance student learning and improve the school environment. Also, we contribute funds towards school equipment and are involved in and support a variety of school activities including excursions, fundraising and school functions. We operate sub-committees - Uniform Shop and Tuckshop and engage in future school planning processes.

The MSS P&C have been keeping busy. In the past few months we are proud to have assisted MSS with:

  • Year 6 High Tea
  • Donation to MSS Signing Choir to participate in Creative Generations (CGEN) in Brisbane in July 2022
  • Donation of school hats and water bottles to 2023 Prep students
  • Working on a new sports shirt design for the students

We look forward to sharing more of our achievements with you throughout the year. Keep up to date with P&C events and activities throughout the year by following the MSS Facebook page and MSS Newsletter.

If you would like to know more about the MSS P&C, we welcome parents, citizens and MSS staff to our General Meetings, which are usually held on the third Wednesday of each month. We depend on your support and assistance. Your ideas, skills and feedback are welcomed. The more people we have the more successful we will be.

The next P&C General Meeting will be held at 5:00pm on Wednesday, 15 June 2022 at the MSS Staffroom. Membership is voluntary. Please note, only registered members have the right to vote on issues raised at meetings.

To contact the MSS P&C or to become a member, you can contact the school or visit the MSS website and download a membership form.

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Last reviewed 08 June 2022
Last updated 08 June 2022