PBL & Hub Update - 17th August 2021


​​​PBL Update
Congratulations to 5R for being the first class to say and sign the 'I Respect Learning' expectations.  I have to mention 4R as they were a close second.  What a massive effort from all students and teachers to learn, say and sign our 'I Respect Learning' and the 3 expectations that fall under this.  For the next 5 weeks we are focusing on 'I Respect Safety' and the 3 expectations: 

  • I Respect Safety: Right place, right time
  • I Respect Safety: Follow steps, solve problems
  • I Respect Safety: Follow rules, follow directions​

Tricky Tuesday
Last week the Hub team held a fun afternoon for the students in each class who earned and banked the most PayWay tokens for that week.  All students opted to play a game of basketball with Ms Marda and Ms Deidre.  It was great to see smiles on little faces!

Culture Club
Another new program implemented by the Hub team is Culture Club.  The team is working with small groups of students exploring "who am I?"  This week the Preps loved their time talking about cultures, different home lives, food, language, likes and dislikes.  The groups are working towards self-identity.  This program will take place twic​e per week with the goal of rolling this out in all lower school classes.

Old School Ball Games
This term has seen the reintroduction of Old School Ball Games.  For many of us, they were a part of school life, so why not revamp them?  Year 5 and 6 students, teachers and Hub staff have been out, teaching and learning leader ball, tunnel ball and corner spry.  In the next few weeks we will start refining the new skills and work towards a friendly little competition between the sports houses. 

Reporting Issues
If a student is having problems, the MSS process to follow is:
  • Playground issues need to be immediately reported to the staff member on duty in that area
  • In class issues need to be reported to the classroom teacher who is teaching the class at that time
  • If your child reports issues to you at home, the first point of call is the classroom teacher
  • All academic and/or learning concerns are directed to the classroom teacher​
Please discuss with your child what this looks like at school.  It may be different from school to home, but this is the MSS way and the expectations that students are to follow. 

- Cherene Trimble, Head of Department - Behaviour

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Last reviewed 18 August 2021
Last updated 18 August 2021