​Question: What do children and geodes have in common?

  • No two are alike (size, shape, features, markings) 
  • each one is precious
  • the true beauty is usually hidden within
  • we are all called to recognise and draw out the beauty in each other.

Hi, my name is Tim and I am the Mareeba State School Chaplain.  I love my job of working alongside the students and wider school community encouraging and supporting them in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  My aim is to provide a safe, caring and fun environment for students to connect and engage while working on relationships, resilience, emotional and character strengths and skills.

I have a certificate IV in Youth Work and my involvement with students includes lunchtime activities such as crafts, Lego, playdough, board games, puppet shows, UNO card games and drawing.  I also work with students in the playground, classroom, in one on one sessions and in group activities. 

I work under the supervision of the Guidance Officer Wendy Harris-Gallichan and work alongside classroom teachers and the Behaviour Management Team.

If I can assist your child in the areas mentioned above, please let your classroom teacher know or contact me to discuss how I can help.

MSS Chaplaincy Role, Services & Student Referral Process
Chaplaincy role: "to provide students and staff with social, emotional and spiritual support, provide an additional adult role model in the school and enhance engagement with the broader community including parents."

Chaplaincy services offered at MSS:
1. Check-in (one session)
An opportunity for students to voice any concerns, challenges and changes they may be facing, giving them time and a safe place to talk. 

2. One on One Student Support Session
Supporting identified and specific areas for social and emotional development using the ACARA Personal & Social Capability Learning Continuum.  Sessions include working on relationships, resilience, emotional, character strengths and skills.

3. Group Educational Programs
  • The Friendship Club - supports students in the area of developing social management skills for making friends 
  • Seasons for Growth - developing skills for coping with changes such as moving, loss of a loved one, separation in family, etc.
  • UnLimited (Year 6) - exploring positive values (trust, respect, commitment, responsibility, resilience, consideration of others, self-esteem) and life skills in a group environment. 
  • Cooking Classes - a fun and positive environment for engaging students with practical life skills and can be used for celebrating successes and encouragement 
  • The Bike Repair Club - working with 2-3 students equipping them with basic mechanical skills.  This can also be used for student engagement and rewarding positive student behaviour
  • Lunchtime Activities - available first lunch Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Bikebus Community Engagement Program - riding to school with adult supervision

Last reviewed 09 March 2021
Last updated 09 March 2021