Principal update 16.2.22



Welcome back to our returning school families and a very warm welcome to our 2022 Prep students and new families joining us this year.  Apologies to the delay in our 2022 fortnightly school newsletter.  Like our school year, we too delayed the school newsletter publication until our 2022 school year officially kicked off for our learners.  

I begin our newsletter warmly welcoming our new teaching staff, joining our dedicated Mareeba State School team:

  • Ms Nicole Ghensi – Prep
  • Mr Ethan Mann – Year 4
  • Mr Dylan Rhodes – Year 4
  • Mr Jesse Winspear – Year 4
  • Mr Sam Brown – Year 5
  • Ms Caitlin Bale – Year 6

I would also like to welcome our extended staff joining our school across Prep-Year 6 and in the office.

Mareeba SS recognises the importance of partnerships and ensuring all students, staff and families feel welcomed and a sense of belonging.  During the first week of school, our students have been fortunate enough to work on their 'We All Belong' pride projects with their new classmates and teacher.  These projects have been shared via Facebook with parents welcomed to visit these when our COVID guidelines permit families back on site.

 Like every year, we spend the first few weeks of the year welcoming our returning and new families, ensuring all children within our community are enrolled and ready for school.  Our departmental requirements ask that we record our Day 8 student enrolment numbers annually, assisting our regional education department to accurately staff each school.  As a result of this census, changes to classroom structures and staffing have occurred, and may continue to occur in the first few weeks of learning.  If this is the case, parent communication and smooth transitions will be paramount and I appreciate the level of support shown in the Prep and Year 5 cohorts as a result of recent classroom changes as well as the teacher changes since our 'Step up' Day held at the end of 2021.

Whilst your child's classroom teacher should be your first point of call for questions or queries, there may be times you require a meeting with your child's Deputy Principal Line Manager, for students with a disability, our Head of Special Education or for matters regarding Behaviour Management our Head of Department Behaviour:

  • Deputy Principal P-Year 2 – Brooke Carmody
  • Deputy Principal Years 3 & 4 – Nyree Burton
  • Deputy Principal Years 5 & 6 – Michael Nielsen
  • ​Head of Special Education Prep – Year 6 – Pina Carroll
  • Head of Department Behaviour Prep – Year 6 – Cherene Trimble

Communication is an important tool at Mareeba SS and we encourage our families to keep an eye out for notes, our fortnightly newsletter, Facebook page and website for key information regarding upcoming events, parent workshops and much more.  Just as is important is the work of our P&C.  This association is a vital part of our school community with the team working tirelessly to support student learning and improve facilities. If you would like to join our P & C, the association meets on the 2nd Tues of each month with our P&C AGM scheduled for Tuesday 15th March at 5pm in the staffroom at Mareeba SS – all parents/carers welcome.  

​Finally, thank you for a great start to the new school year. Our staff look forward to working with you throughout another rewarding school year.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

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Last reviewed 16 February 2022
Last updated 16 February 2022