Year 6 Camp


During Week 6 of Term 3 , the Year 6 students attended a camp at Tinaroo Environmental Education Centre (TEEC) at the Barron River Campus. One of the day time activities that 4 of the 5 classes attended was abseiling. There were two locations where we did this, Barrabadeen and Platypus Rock. The abseiling had 5 levels of rock wall to climb down. All of the students had a go at the different levels and it was a fun event.

Another day time activity was the Giant Swing. The Giant Swing is located at the Black Gully Campus of TEEC. The maximum height that you could drop from was 18 metres, and the students could choose from 30% through to 100% of the total height. There were a lot of students that screamed their way through the swing and a number of students managed to hang upside down and do some interesting tricks. This was one of the most popular activities on camp.

High ropes was an activity that was only attended by 6J, as they were the only class that did not attend abseiling. There was a lower and a higher level on the main high ropes' activity. There was also a practice level. Mrs Alba-Aue had fun going around the high ropes course. The other day time activities included canoeing, which we did EVERY DAY, scoop netting, the dam wall walk and team challenges.

The night time was super fun too. On the first night we watched Mr Bean's Ultimate Disaster Movie. It was very funny and some of the inappropriate bits made us laugh so much. On the second night we went down and sat by the camp fire. They told us some very scary stories, that we found out later were all made up. The girls in the big dorms bunked together in the same beds and after crying for a little bit, went to sleep. The boys didn't show that they were scared, but we girls knew that they were. On the last night we had the massive MAGIC SHOW hosted by El Magnifico (Mr Black's brother). He did a bunch of really silly tricks and made us (and Mr Nielsen) dance a lot. At the end of the show he did one last trick to us all and made us think we were going to watch a very scary movie. It turned out he Rick Rolled us and it wasn't going to happen.

The camp was really fun, we all had a great time and got to do some really amazing things. We were so glad we got to go.

Written by Landon Drew, Cooper Dallip, Reese Dempster and Isabel Gear

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Last reviewed 02 September 2020
Last updated 02 September 2020