Principal's Report - 11th November 2020


​Our school is well recognised for the diverse range of opportunities it offers across the academic, sporting and cultural realms. This week, Mareeba will participate in a number of events, both at school and within the community, to celebrate NAIDOC week, 2020.  This year's theme, 'Always Was, Always Will Be' has been developed to shine a focus on the length of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander occupation of Australia. In many narratives, Aboriginal people talk of continuous occupation of being here when time began, being a part of the Dreaming – past, present and future. Additionally, the NAIDOC theme seeks to get teachers, students and community to explore and learn about, and appreciate the wealth and breadth of Indigenous Nations, languages and knowledge of this continent. This week's events include the Mareeba Community NAIDOC event, launch of the Mareeba SHS and Mareeba SS Reconciliation Action Plan and Mareeba SS NAIDOC celebration, this Friday 13th November, 2pm in the Hall.  Parents are invited to attend our NAIDOC celebration entering the school grounds via the Constance street gate (near the big hall) and must adhere to social distancing protocols.

Next week we will witness aspiring student leaders bravely and confidently present their leadership speeches to the senior parade. Congratulations to each of the students who have nominated for one of the school leadership positions. These are extremely significant roles within the school and I look forward to listening to your speeches next Monday, 16th November.  Parents are invited to listen to the aspiring leader speeches (1 parent per student) by entering the school grounds via the Constance street gate (near the big hall) and must adhere to social distancing protocols.  The school leaders for 2021 will be announced at the senior parade on Monday 23rd November.

This fortnight classes have been busy learning critical content in prepartion for completing end of year assessments.  This semester, like in Semester 1, student attendance will not be reported on as a direct result of the COVID-19 health pandemic. Students will receive an academic and effort achievement for each subject area and will receive an overall behaviour achievement and comment. Student Progress reports going home on Tuesday 8th December via email.  Please ensure we have your current email address.

 The Management team and I dressed up for book week as buckets to highlight the importance of wellbeing. It's important at this time of year we take care of ourselves and each other and remember 5 easy steps to wellbeing:

ConnectBe ActiveKeep Learning, Be Aware and Help Others.

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Last reviewed 11 November 2020
Last updated 11 November 2020