From the Principal


This week we have been lucky enough to see our littlest learners, our Prep and Year 1 students, return to learning at school full time.  The week started with approx. 70% attendance in the early years but this has grown slightly each day. Whilst we had some tears at drop off time, feedback was very positive with Prep and Year 1 teachers sharing lovely stories of smiling faces who were 'keen as beans' to get back to learning.   This return to school is part of our Phase 3 Continuity of Learning roll out, gradually aiming for the whole school return date of Monday 25th May.  This will also see our last MSS Drive-Thru scheduled for Friday 18th May, 10am-1pm, providing the opportunity for families to collect the week 5 student work booklets for years 2-6 and return any school work completed at home (don't forget their name & class).  As always, call the front office for an alternate collection time if you can't make it.

Changes to stop-drop-go and stop-collect-go zones have also taken effect this week.  This new change is to minimise the number of adults we have on site to ensure the safety of our learners and staff during the COVID-19 health pandemic.  We ask, that whilst it may be a sensitive time, that families support their child and us and stop-drop-go each morning.  Rest assured our team of wonderful staff will be there to offer support, encouragement and a smile to all of our learners.


  • Due to restrictions with parents not able to park in the bus zone on Constance Street, this will no longer be used as a stop-drop-go zone.  Instead, families are asked to park in a designated parking bay and walk children to the Constance Street gate near the big hall (first preference).  Please do not park in the bus zone.
  •  If families are not able to park and walk their children to the gate, they can stop-drop-go at one of the following zones:
    • The oval gate via Constance Street
    • The Year 1 playground via Atherton Street
  • These areas will be supervised and after they are dropped off, students will be escorted to the netball court area by a staff member.
  • Families are to remain outside of the school grounds where possible.


  • All bus students will be collected by buses on Constance Street.
  • Prep children will be collected via the Constance Street gate on the oval.
  • Year 1 children will be collected via the Atherton Street gate near the Year 1 playground.
  • Years 2-6 students are asked to be collected via the gate on Atherton Street or the oval gate on Constance Street (both locations will be supervised).
  • Again, we ask that families are to remain outside of the school grounds where possible.

It is with great delight that I can announce Mrs Tanya Neville will continue in the role of Acting Deputy Principal for the remainder of term 2.  Mrs Neville will continue to support the Early Years (Prep and Year 1) and will soon begin the transition to school for our 2021 Prep students.  In other staffing news, we are pleased to have Mrs Rhonda Towner join our team as the IM music teacher.  Rhonda has been based at MSHS and will remain working there until the end of week 5 to continue to provide learning at home materials for students in Years 3-6.  Our regular IM lessons will begin in week 6. Congratulations to Kristie Braes who began her new journey this term as a Prep teacher.  On a much gloomier note, Mrs Sarah Szeary, our current music teacher, will be leaving us towards the end of May.  Sarah is joining the Atherton SHS team and we will miss hear dearly.  Information regarding her replacement will be advised soon.

This week you will receive information regarding our Semester 1 reporting changes.  As outlined, these changes are as a direct result of the COVID-19 health pandemic.  Key points to note include not all Key Learning Areas being reported on and the new timeframes with Student Progress reports going home on Monday 10th August.

As mentioned late last term, my contract as Acting Principal at Mareeba SS will draw to an end on Friday 22nd May with Mr Nicholas Shirley returning for the remainder of the 2020 school year.  You will see Nick stopping in next week to do a thorough Principal handover.  Please make Nick welcome on his return.  Where will I be you may ask? For those of you who aren't aware, I was successful in securing a position working from the Cairns Regional Office as a Principal Advisor student wellbeing.  I'm not sure what that role will look like but I am never far away and hopefully, like previously, I will find my way back to the school, the people and the students that make me the happiest – Mareeba! 


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Last reviewed 13 May 2020
Last updated 13 May 2020