Attendance Update


‚ÄčAttendance matters, and at MSS 'Everyday Counts'.  I know the end is near, but our attendance, particularly at the end of the year, is still every important.  Student movement and attendance data is crucial to our 2020 planning of classes, class numbers and very importantly, staffing allocation.  As mentioned in previous articles, if you know your child will not be attending MSS in 2020, please let our office staff know.  We are at that time of the year when the 2020 classes are being compiled and classrooms allocated, and if we have the most current information about our students, that will make our job easier.

At MSS we consider attendance as just a part of the big 'school' picture.  We want our students to feel engaged in their learning, enjoy their friendship groups, have a positive relationship with their classmates and teacher/s and want to come to school every day.  Our work in 2020 will continue to track daily attendance, but also to continue to look at student, family and community engagement in learning and school.  Our staff work extremely hard at providing engaging and meaningful lessons and this year we have seen some great stuff all over the school.  Recently I had the pleasure of attending some very cool learning experiences that I never had as a student when I was at school, including the very funny year 4 poetry recitals, the year 2 classes in Digital Technology making computer games for Preps to use, the excellent hands-on Science days and the transition days to MSHS.  When students are at school they have the opportunity to experience some of this great, fun learning.

Mr Tim and his helpers who ride on the Bike Bus have also done a great job to try and help students get to school.  On Friday, the Bike Bus had about 20 riders, and it was a fun way to get to school.  A massive THANK YOU to Ms Sarah Jenner from Wannabe for providing a healthy breakfast snack for the riders.  What an awesome start to the day!

So while we talk about our attendance data all the time, what we really want to talk about is why the kids like coming to school, what brings them back each day and the role that all of us adults play in that.  At MSS we are committed to making sure our students are safe, well and curious about learning, and if they are at school every day, we can do that.

Have a great week!

- Nyree Burton (Deputy Principal)

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Last reviewed 20 April 2020
Last updated 20 April 2020