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Principal's Report

What a fabulous evening we all enjoyed at our school fete last Friday night.  I would like to acknowledge the contributions of the many businesses, community groups and families who donated items, goods and time to support the school fete.  Your support is greatly appreciated by Mareeba State School and the wider community.   I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the school P&C Association, the staff at Mareeba State School and the many parent helpers who ran stalls on the evening.  Fetes are enormous events to organise and without the support of the school’s P&C, parents/guardians and our wonderful school staff, the event would not have been possible.   Moving around the crowds on Friday night, it was so pleasing to see smiling faces, families enjoying the evening, and the community coming together to support the school.   Thank you once again for your support of Mareeba State School.
Mrs Simpson
Congratulations to Mrs Simpson who has been appointed the Acting Principal at Atherton State School for the remainder of the semester.  Mrs Simpson has been at Mareeba State School for over ten years and will be greatly missed by the school community.    I know Mrs Simpson will be a tremendous asset to Atherton State School and I congratulate her on the successful appointment.  Mrs Simpson will commence in her new role at Atherton State School from Wednesday 7th August through until the end of the school year.  The school Management Team will meet early this week to discuss options to backfill the vacancy left by Mrs Simpson.
Showcase Awards
Recently it was announced that Mareeba State School as a winner of two Regional Showcase Awards for the Far North Queensland region.  As a regional winner, our school was nominated for the State Showcase Awards and I am pleased to announce that Mareeba State School’s Excellence in Inclusion Practices, and Foundations for Success projects have both been accepted at the State level.   Mareeba State School will now travel to Brisbane in October to attend the State Showcase finals where we hope to win both categories.    This is a significant achievement for Mareeba State School and I congratulate all staff who have been involved with the projects.
The best way for a child to become a successful learner at school is to have regular school attendance.   At Mareeba State School, every child is expected to attend school all day, every day, and the school has set a target of each child having an attendance rate of 95%.    Regular routine at home greatly assists students preparing for school each day.  By establishing the following routines, you will be setting your child up for success each day at school:
·         have a set time to go to bed
·         have a set time to get out of bed
·         have uniform and school bag ready the night before
·         have a set time for starting and finishing breakfast
·         set a time for daily homework activities
·         speak about school positively
·         be firm, send your child to school every school day including their birthday and the last day of term.
Regular school attendance will mean that your child gets a better chance at life. Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day as:
·         they learn better
·         they make friends
·         they are happier
·         they have a brighter future.
If you are experiencing difficulties getting your child to school each day, contact the school and our team will be very happy to assist.
Prep Open Morning
Our next Prep Open Day will be held this Wednesday 7th August from 9.30am to 10.30am.  All prospective 2020 prep students, and their families, are invited to visit the school and enjoy the Open Day.   Parents and students are asked to meet at the Prep Buildings however come to the school office if you require assistance and our team will direct you to the Open Day activities.   There will be plenty of activities and exciting games for students to enjoy, and every prospective Prep student will receive a goodie bag on the day.   Children must have turned 5 by June 30, 2020 to be eligible for Prep next year.  Contact the school for further information.
School Improvement Unit visit
Every Queensland state school is reviewed by the School Improvement Unit (SIU) at least once every four years. The reviews are an important part of how the department supports and monitors schools.   Mareeba State School will be receiving a review from August 12th through to 14th August. The review will provide our school with independent feedback, tailored to the school context and needs. Reviewers will look closely at our school’s performance data and speak with a wide range of staff, students, parents and community members to get an accurate picture of the school.  Feedback from parents and the community is an important part of our school review, with everyone encouraged to have their say.  The reviewers will be available before and after school to meet with parents and community members.  Input and the voice of our community is critical therefore I encourage parents and guardians to speak with the reviewers while they are at Mareeba State School.  Upon completion of the review a report will be provided to our school which will be used to develop clear actions to continue building on the outstanding programs offered at the school.  
Learning to read is an essential skill for all students.   Just like learning a new skill or hobby, such as riding a bicycle, how quickly a person become confident varies.   It is just the same with reading.  Some students learn to read very quickly, while others require more time.   Learning to read is just like learning to ride a bicycle, the more practice a student can accomplish, the quicker they will learn the skill.  The following simple strategies can assist parents when reading with their child at home:
·         Read aloud to your child as often as possible — this helps them learn about the value of books and expand their vocabulary
·         Encourage and praise their attempts when they pretend to rea
·         Look at the illustrations and see how they help the story
·         Read favourite stories again and again —familiarity builds confidence
·         Encourage children to ‘have a go’ at reading and praise them
·         Talk about who the people are and what happens in the books you read together
·         Encourage them to express opinions about what happens in the story
·         Talk about the letters, sounds, words and interesting features in the things you read.
Your child’s teacher will be able to assist you with further strategies that are tailored to your child’s individual learning needs and reading levels.