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Hearing & Vision


​Did you know?

70% of learning difficulties are because of undiagnosed hearing and vision concerns.  Get your child's hearing and vision checked!



Undetected middle ear infections and other hearing losses can significantly affect your child's ability to learn.  Don't assume if they can hear the crackle of a chip packet from the opposite end of the house, that they have adequate hearing for learning.

FREE hearing tests are available for your child.

Where: Community Health, Mareeba Hospital
When: Monday-Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm (except public holidays)

Please phone 4092 9100 to book an appointment


If your child has leaning or reading difficulties, is clumsier than usual for their age, screws their eyes up or tilts their head to see, or has frequent headaches, this may mean he/she has a vision problem.

An Optometrist will assess both clarity and eye muscle functioning, how the eye muscles work together to support learning, including how the eyes team together to focus on the blackboard and then to the page; and also how the eyes track along a line of text on the page.

FREE vision assessments are available using your Medicare Card

Where: at any optometrist (some examples provided below)
Eye Supply, 165 Byrnes Street Mareeba - 4092 1525
John Holme, 12 Herberton Street Mareeba - 4092 1655
Spec Savers, Cairns Central - 4031 1310

Please phone to book an appointment.

Please ensure you provide a copy of all specialist reports to the school for filing on your child's confidential student record.

Remember, if your child does have a hearing or vision problem, finding it early is good for their learning and development.  If in doubt - check it out!