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'The Worst Camping Trip'

This term, year 5 students have been given the task to write an imaginative narrative on the theme of ‘Facing my Fears’. They have been asked to identify objects or situations that may cause them or a character distress, and ways in which they can overcome this fear. The year 5 cohorts have been investigating the human body’s natural response to these situations and have been using this information to write creatively.
The Worst Camping Trip
Written by Raychelle Srhoj, 5E

As thunder rang through the air, the petrified , little girl , Julia screamed at the top of her lungs in hope to find a way to stop the storm. Boom! Crack! Lightning hit the road everywhere! Julia took a quick glance outside the car window and saw nothing but bolts of lightning brightening up the car. Her knees started to tremble. Pins and needles ran up her body from toes to head. Another crack of thunder raced through the air. “ Ahhhhhh” Julia screamed as the car rumbled along the road with the old caravan unbalanced behind. She couldn’t believe her parents would make her go camping with the weather like this. Julia was a kind and generous little girl with blonde hair and a passion for horses. The only thing she was fearful and petrified of were storms. Julia was about a year old when a cyclone came and the howled in her ears when a loud boom of thunder rocked her house and woke her up when she was sleeping. This is how she got her phobia of storms.
As the sun rose in the eastern blue sky, Julia and her family finally got to the old, tattered campsite. It was stinking hot and Julia started to feel her clammy hands perspire like she had just dunked them into a pool. Suddenly dark clouds unpredictably surrounded the gloomy sky. She started to feel drops of rain on her sweaty shoulders. “Yay! Just what we needed. A bit of rain for our camping trip.” Julia sarcastically moaned. “At least it’s not a thunder storm.” she thought to herself.
As the clouds stopped pouring down with rain, Julia’s mum decided that they should all go for a walk. Julia cantankerously spoke “No!” but she had to go. As Julia started to walk, she heard the beautiful birds chattering around her. She felt like she had been walking for hours but it was only forty-five minutes. Thunder unpredictably started to boom. Julia was anxious and over whelmed. BOOM! The thunder grew louder and closer. She started to panic. “this is the worst camping trip ever!” she cried as the family started running back to the campsite. Splat! Lightning hit the ground as Julia began to feel nausea when the family were close to the old campsite.
As the rain continued falling and the gloomy clouds grew darker, the family ran inside the dusty caravan just as night fell. Julia jumped into bed feeling lonesome, staring up at the cracked ceiling having a staring contest with her eyes red as an apple as she couldn’t get to sleep. Thunder boomed and her face went as white as a sheet. “Oh great, a storm would definitely put me to sleep.” she sarcastically mumbled as the storm got worse. Boom! Splat! The lightning and thunder was right on top of the caravan. The thunder rocked the dusty old caravan nearly tipping it over! “Ahhhhh! I want to go home!” Julia screamed as she started to panic. Her body went frozen and her lips started shaking. The lightning lit up the whole caravan and the roof shook. She began hyperventilating and her heart was palpitating rapidly.
As the storm went on, Julia’s mum decided to play a game of monopoly. Thunder and lightning was still roaring as it was Julia’s turn to roll the dice. “This might help,” she thought to herself. The raging thunder slowed down as the board game went on. Everybody was cracking up laughing and happy when Julia finally won! Her dad was eager to take her outside and watch the lightning. She was audacious and went outside. The lightning reminded her of fireworks. It was amazing! As it started raining, Julia jumped into bed hoping to go to sleep with the light rain hitting the roof. Boom! The thunder was like drums making music in the night’s sky. “This is the best camping trip ever,” she whispered silently as she drifted off to sleep.